Welcome to the Club

What percentage of your performance is down to mental strength?

When we asked athletes about this, most of them said that up to 28% of their overall performance was down to mental toughness. It doesn’t matter how you answer this question for yourself: Mental training can help you to perform better.

This idea gave rise to MIND SC, the world’s first mental training club!


We want to simplify access to mental training and give athletes the chance to gain new impulses – also from other sports – for mental training.

And what applies to athletes applies equally to mental coaches and sports psychologists.

We believe in exchange and want to inspire. MIND SC was therefore deliberately founded as a club to convey this idea.


Join the MIND SC movement and revolutionize your athletic performance!

We firmly believe that mental training is not just a supplement but a key foundation for success. Created by athletes for athletes, our mission at MIND SC is to empower you to unleash your mental superpower in every game.

As football coach Carlo Ancelotti envisions, the future belongs to athletes with their own sports psychologists.

We are Former Elite Athletes

MIND SC is more than a platform. It’s a powerful movement born from the experiences of former athletes. For so long, mental toughness training has been exclusive to elite athletes and clubs. Our mission and purpose is to democratize access to sports psychology for all athletes of every age and level.

We empower you to have your own dedicated certified sports psychologist or mental coach.

portrait of Hendrik Lange, co-founder of MIND SC

Hendrik Lange

Former European Hockey Champion – Co-founder @ MIND SC

I have a deep passion for sports, having been involved as a former elite athlete with the honor of being named European Champion in Hockey.

My experience extends into the sports and sporting goods industry, where I’ve had the opportunity to work at Adidas and sports marketing agencies. Currently, I wear several hats as a sports entrepreneur and sports psychologist.

My focus lies in supporting athletes and businesses in unlocking their (mental) potential, both in the game and beyond. I’m eager to embark on this journey that combines sports, business, and the nuances of mental well-being.

portrait of Mahmoud Noah, co-founder of MIND SC

Mahmoud E. Noah

Former Greco-Roman Wrestler – Co-founder @ MIND SC

Multilingual, multicultural professional with a background in sports and event management, sports psychology, entrepreneurship, and digital transformation.

Skilled in organizing high-profile events, optimizing operations, strategic planning, and creative problem-solving.

As a former Greco-Roman wrestler, I witnessed firsthand the vital role that sports psychology and mental training play in enabling athletes to access additional reserves of energy and elevate their performance in the game.

portrait of Florian Oberle, co-founder of MIND SC

Florian Oberle

Co-founder @ MIND SC

I have been active in different kinds of sports my entire life. When I was young, the weekends usually were a combination of playing matches myself and heated discussions in front of the TV when watching sports events.

After starting my professional career in consulting, I quickly switched to the startup world and helped building successful companies in the Fintech and TechBio world. Like in sports, I wore many hats as a business leader, whether in Business Development, Operations, HR or Finance.

Having navigated numerous high-pressure business situations, I understand the importance of mental support in maintaining focus and achieving the best outcome in every situation. This is why I am extremely excited about building the world’s first club for mental training, enabling athletes worldwide to perform at their best.