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Adam Lussey – Elite Mentality and Performance Coaching for Athletes of All Age, Ability and Sport

My name is Adam, and I am the founder and head coach at AJL Consultancy – specialists in Sport Psychology, Mindset and Performance Coaching.

The main intention of any coach is to help improve their athlete’s performance. Just as a fitness instructor would aim to improve your physical attributes, my role is to improve your mental attributes, to help you consistently perform at your best.

I work with athletes from both individual and team sports, of all ages, backgrounds and sporting ability. I adopt a holistic approach and believe in the importance of focusing on personal development and well-being just as much as improving performance. Working from a ‘client-centered’ approach, I put clients at the focal point of every session and tailor services to your motivations and needs.

Working together to understand your strengths, improvement areas, ambitions and goals for your career, we will work on a bespoke development plan that is targeted specifically to you. I have been a professional performance consultant since 2019, providing Psychology, Mindset and Performance coaching across numerous sports from talented juniors to semi-professional, professional and international level athletes.

The most successful athletes realise the importance and value of controlling their mindset, using strategies and techniques to control their thoughts, emotions and behaviours in order to achieve consistent performance. This is what separates the best from the rest!

With MSc and BSc (Hons) degrees in Sport Psychology, I am registered with the British Psychological Society (BPS) and all conversations, communications and associated work are informed by the BPS Code of Ethics and Conduct. I have developed affordable face-to-face packages and online plans to suit all needs and locations; meaning budget, time and location are no barrier.

Sport Psychology is becoming one of the fastest growing and most sought-after disciplines in high-performance settings. Send your enquiry and join the ranks of athletes worldwide who have experienced first hand the transformative power of my coaching.






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Proud to be supporting and developing youth and professional footballers from Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool, Crystal Palace and Wolverhampton Wanderers, as well as amateur and professional athletes in rugby, touch rugby, golf, swimming and motocross.

~ Have you suffered a dip in confidence and self-belief?
~ Are you struggling with pre-competition nerves or performance anxiety that is preventing you from performing at your best when it counts?
~ Is your child struggling with the mental demands that youth sport can bring?
~ Is your team struggling to fulfil its potential?

Introducing Adam Lussey, the visionary owner of AJL Consultancy, where the realms of Sport Psychology, Mindset Coaching and Performance Enhancement converge to redefine athletic excellence. With a rich tapestry of experiences spanning elite youth football environments, amateur and professional sports, Adam’s journey epitomises a fusion of diverse expertise.

Adam’s coaching ethos, meticulously crafted over 13 years of study and practice, hinges on personalized methodologies tailored to individual athletes’ needs. From cultivating rapport to instilling mental resilience, his approach resonates with athletes across ages and backgrounds.

Central to AJL Consultancy’s ethos is its seamless blend of face-to-face and online coaching, ensuring consistent quality and accessibility, as well as the paramount importance Adam places on confidentiality and trust in fostering mental well-being, providing a safe haven for open dialogue.

The opportunity to work independently with players away from their clubs and coaches brings a huge benefit to the service Adam provides and the effectiveness of the process. Players and parents know they have a confidential, 1-2-1 source of support and guidance that is so often missing from a high-level sporting environment. With this comes a responsibility and commitment to ensure that no clubs, organisations or coaches are aware of the working relationship. Parents have the peace of mind that anything discussed in sessions will not go back to the club or coaching staff. This is something that brings a huge sense of relief and trust in the process.

Players and parents are often afraid to go to their coaches to discuss areas they may be struggling with or they feel they need to improve, fearing it could have an impact on their development, their place in the side or the opinions coaches or other players will have on them. Adam's coaching removes that barrier to ensure a transparent and trusting process, allowing the best and most appropriate knowledge and tools are provided to help every athlete reach their potential.

AJL Consultancy not only transforms athletes’ mindsets and performances, but also champions a culture of holistic well-being and growth. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a boundless drive to innovate, Adam continues to pave the way for a new era in athlete development.

Join the ranks of athletes worldwide who have experienced first hand the transformative power of Adam’s coaching.