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Where Athletes of All Levels Team Up With Top Global Mental Coaches


In the future, all athletes will have their own sports psychologist

What percentage of your performance is down to mental strength?

When we asked athletes about this, most of them said that up to 20% of their overall performance was down to mental toughness. It doesn’t matter how you answer this question for yourself: Mental training can help you to perform better.

This idea gave rise to MIND SC, the first mental training club in the world!

Handpicked Certified Sports Psychologists and Accomplished Mental Trainers

MIND SC is more than a platform. It’s a powerful movement born from the experiences of former athletes.

For so long, mental toughness training has been exclusive to elite athletes and clubs, our mission and purpose is to democratize access to sports psychology for all athletes of every age and level.

We empower you to have your own dedicated certified sports psychologist or mental coach.

Frequently asked questions

Sports psychology is a specialized field that focuses on the mental and emotional aspects of athletic performance. It involves techniques and strategies to enhance an athlete’s mindset, motivation, and overall mental well-being.

Sports psychology helps athletes develop mental resilience, manage stress, improve focus, and optimize performance. It plays a crucial role in achieving peak athletic potential.

Techniques in sports psychology include visualization, goal setting, positive self-talk, and performance analysis. These methods aim to enhance mental skills and foster a champion mindset.

MIND SC is open to all sports and levels. Anyone who is ambitious in his sport and also wants to train on the mental side is welcome.

The basic membership in MIND SC is free and can be cancelled anytime. A premium membership grants access to additional lectures and recommendations from top athletes.

Your training in MIND SC is additional training. We recommend that you discuss training with your club.
However, on MIND SC you can specifically tailor your training to match your goals and needs with 100% flexibility

The training sessions provided by MIND SC’s coaches are offered and held by sports psychologists and mental trainers from all over the world. Choose the language you want to train in.

Simply filter by your areas of interest, goals, and preferences and make an appointment with the sports psychologist of your choice.

Certified sports psychologists are marked accordingly, as are mental coaches. The corresponding coaches are committed to the respective ethical standards of the professional chambers of their country. This also includes a duty of confidentiality. A good coach will actively address this issue at the beginning of the sessions.

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