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What percentage of an athlete's performance is up to mental toughness?

When we surveyed top athletes they said that a staggering 17%* of their performance depends on their mental toughness.

What would you do to give your athletes a massive advantage over the competition?

Welcome to MIND SPORTS CLUB, the game-changing secret to athletic success!

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The First Mental Performance Sports Club in the World


MIND SC is an ecosystem of athletes, sports psychologists/mental coaches, clubs, federations, and other stakeholders.

MIND SC Mental Gym

AI-powered mental training gym with customizable elements – easily integrated in customer platform. A cool and affordable solution for smaller clubs and academies, with an integrated consultation hour interface.

MIND SC 1:1 Mental Coaching

24/7 online scheduling and booking tool including video conferencing solution for 1:1 sessions.

MIND SC Academy

Modules and courses to empower athletes and stakeholders - learning modules in cooperation with partners.

Handpicked World-Class Sports Psychologists and Mental Trainers

MIND SC club members are world-class sports psychologists and mental coaches with centuries of experience combined. Our rigorous vetting mechanism ensures we are always associated with the highest quality and utmost professionalism.

Introducing the Mental Gym - your customized mental training solution

The Mental Gym is a tailor-made program for clubs, federations, teams, and organizations. It’s for those who want top-notch mental training but might find it expensive to hire a sports psychologist on their own. Also, some prefer a variety of mental coaches because everyone’s needs are different.

Currently Running MIND SC Academy Certificate Courses

Frequently Asked Questions

Mind SC is the world’s premier mental sports club, revolutionizing mental performance training for athletes of all levels. Our mission is to make mental training affordable and accessible, empowering everyone to excel mentally.

Mental performance training is a systematic approach to enhancing psychological skills such as focus, confidence, resilience, and emotional regulation to optimize athletic performance. It involves various techniques and strategies aimed at improving athletes' mindset and mental toughness.

Athletes can easily find and book sessions with top mental coaches on our platform, tailored to their specific needs and goals. Organizations can support their athletes by providing vouchers, discounts, and targeted sponsorship.

All athletes are welcome. No matter the level, mental toughness contributes significantly to overall performance, as shown by our athlete polls.

Mind SC offers three unique solutions: personalized 1:1 coaching with top sports psychologists and mental coaches worldwide, a customizable mental gym integrated into your training structure, and an academy featuring diverse courses and certificates for athletes, coaches, parents, and managers.

We create a personalized mental gym for your organization, accessible to athletes and coaches. It includes exercises, weekly consultations, handpicked courses, and a 24/7 chatbot supervised by sports psychologists.

Mind SC Academy offers online certificate courses led by top mental coaches, catering to athletes, coaches, sports psychologists, parents, and managers seeking to enhance their skills and expertise.

Our certificate courses are tailored to specific sports and areas of interest, providing participants with valuable knowledge and skills to enhance their understanding of mental performance training. By completing these courses, individuals can gain a deeper insight into the psychological aspects of sports performance and learn practical strategies to improve their mental game.

We offer solutions for organizations of all sizes, ensuring accessibility to mental performance training for everyone.

Absolutely! Our services can complement existing programs, offering additional expertise and value to multinational and diverse teams.

For personalized guidance and consultation, feel free to contact Hendrik, a former hockey international and experienced sport and organizational psychologist with a wealth of knowledge in enhancing mental performance. Click here to reach out.