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Master the Mind Game in Hockey (Official Certificate Course)

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JUNE, 7, 2024 / 2-4 pm (CET)


Join us for an immersive journey into sports psychology tailored specifically for hockey coaches & players.
This sports psychology certificate course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and some tools to elevate your coaching game to new heights and enhance the mental performance of your players.


What’s happening and who’s in?

  • Collaborate with renowned sports psychologists to enhance coaching skills and optimize athlete performance.
  • Engage with top mental coaches of world-class athletes to exchange invaluable insights.
  • Delve into mastering the mind in hockey playing & coaching.


Which topics?

  • Addressing hockey-specific challenges, and mastering hockey-related mental topics.
  • Discover the first practical exercises and tools tailored to integrate seamlessly.
  • Learn basic techniques essential for maintaining peak performance under pressure.


Where, when, how?

  • The course takes place live on Friday, June 7; 2-4 pm (CET).
  • There is an opportunity for 1:1 in the live version.
  • All learning content is then available on demand.
  • An official certificate is awarded upon successful participation.
  • Get exclusive discounts as a coach and for your players.