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Our Academy Empowers Everybody with Cutting-Edge Mental Training.

MIND SC’s goal is to streamline access to mental training for athletes across all skill levels, aiming to demystify sports psychology. Our mission explicitly encompasses the holistic support network of athletes, including coaches, parents, managers, and educators.

Within our academy, we provide specialized training courses designed for distinct target audiences, sports, and goals. These courses, led by world-renowned sports psychologists and top global mental coaches, cater to diverse needs. Additionally, we curate some external events to enrich your experience. Take a look at the program. Enjoy the journey!

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Introducing the Mental Gym - your customized mental training solution

The Mental Gym is a tailor-made program for clubs, federations, teams, and organizations. It’s for those who want top-notch mental training but might find it expensive to hire a sports psychologist on their own. Also, some prefer a variety of mental coaches because everyone’s needs are different.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Mind SC academy offers online certificate courses specializing in mental performance training tailored for beginners, advanced learners, and professionals across various sports. These courses are led by top-notch mental coaches and experts from around the globe, each specializing in different techniques and goals.

The Mind SC academy caters to a diverse audience including athletes, coaches, sports psychologists, parents, and managers - anyone eager to enhance their skills and expertise.

Booking with us is easy! Just head to our website at https://mindsc.com/academy and go to the "Courses" section. Browse our selection of tailored certificate courses, pick one that suits your goals, and hit the "Book Now" button. Follow the prompts to complete your registration, and you're all set to enhance your mental performance with the Mind SC Academy!

While live courses are regularly offered for interactive engagement, all certificate courses provide the flexibility of attending either live or remotely, ensuring accessibility for learners with varying schedules.

Absolutely! We provide official certificates documenting your invested hours and learning achievements, which can be utilized for reimbursement by clubs, federations, or organizations, as well as for showcasing on social platforms.

Yes, participants receive course materials for future reference, allowing them to revisit key concepts whenever needed.

Certainly! Through our "2 for 1" scheme, you and your athlete can attend together, maximizing the learning experience for both parties.

The fee for all certificate courses is 99 €, reflecting the personalized attention given to each practitioner. Additionally, discounts are available for smaller clubs, partners, or larger programs.

We suggest starting with one or two basic courses to gain an overview before progressing to more tailored options based on individual needs and interests.

For partnership offers and tailor-made programs, simply reach out to academy@mindsc.com, and our team will assist you accordingly.