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Survey on athletes’ mental fitness: One in two athletes desire more support


MIND SPORTS CLUB pioneers as the world’s first mental sports club. A new platform connects coaches and athletes.

Berlin, December 18, 2023 Mental training is gaining increasing significance, yet access remains limited. This is the outcome of a survey conducted by MIND SPORTS CLUB in collaboration with the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin among European athletes. 32.7% of respondents are convinced that mental training will play a more crucial role in the future. On average, athletes indicated that 17.4% of their overall performance is attributed to mental skills. But at the same time, 51.3% of top athletes stated that they still do not find sufficient offerings and support in this area.

“So far, mental training has been a privilege. However, access can positively influence the performance of every athlete and enhance mental toughness. Therefore, it is crucial to further facilitate access,” emphasizes Hendrik Lange, co-founder of MIND SPORTS CLUB, former European hockey champion, and sports psychologist.

The newly established MIND SPORTS CLUB is the world’s first club for mental training, aiming to provide athletes of all levels with easy and uncomplicated access to mental coaching. The platform connects mental coaches with athletes globally. Membership in the club (mindsc.com) is free. 

In the virtual clubhouse, athletes share insights into their mental training, talk about how they have overcome crises, and provide tips for optimal preparations for competitions. 

Smaller clubs and associations that couldn’t afford their own mental coach can now specifically support their athletes. Larger clubs and associations benefit from the diversity of offerings to expand or optimize the performance of their athletes.

“We are convinced that this initiative can contribute to destigmatizing and democratizing sports psychological training. In the future, it will be normal for every ambitious athlete to have their own mental coach,” says founder Mahmoud Elgouhari. “We consciously position ourselves as the world’s first mental training club, thriving on exchange and inspiration”, adds Florian Oberle, co-founder of MIND SC.


About the survey: 678 European athletes (18-35 years old, training more than 4 times a week) were surveyed in November and December 2023 in collaboration with the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin (HTW).

About: MIND SPORTS CLUB (mindsc.com) is the world’s first club for mental training, a powerful movement created for all athletes. MIND SC is committed to democratizing access to sports psychology and was founded in 2023 by Mahmoud Elgouhari, Florian Oberle, and Hendrik Lange.

Images: MIND SPORTS CLUB and founders Florian Oberle, Mahmoud Elgouhari, and Hendrik Lange; free for editorial use with proper source attribution (© MIND SPORTS CLUB) 

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