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MIND SC’s mental gym consists of mental training modules and exercises for a wide range of sports, meticulously designed and professionally executed by handpicked established sports psychologists and mental trainers. The exercises and modules are also designed in close cooperation with exclusive partner clubs, federations and organizations to match the needs of their athletes and for a completely personalized solution.

Mental Gym Membership Options


For athletes wanting to unlock their mental superpower.​​
90 . / Month
  • Single access
  • Dedicated training plan
  • 20 € yearly voucher on 1:1 mental coaching sessions


For all teams wanting to reach peak performance.
. / Month
  • Access for 15 team members
  • Dedicated training plan
  • 5% discount on 1:1 mental coaching sessions
  • Team presentation on sports psychology
  • And more...


For all clubs at the forefront of athlete development.
. / Month
  • Access for 250 team members
  • Dedicated training plan
  • 5% discount on 1:1 mental coaching sessions
  • Team presentation on sports psychology
  • Sport Psychologist as contact person
  • Masterclass for your coaches
  • And more...

Exclusive Solution Just for You

As a sports organization, you can purchase white-label solutions to mash perfectly with your current infrastructure for seamless and swift integration. The white-label solutions are designed specifically for your athletes’ needs and carry your organisation’s full branding.


Our state-of-the-art bespoke solution is meticulously designed for the specific needs of your teams, coaches, athletes, parents and other stakeholders.


Our cutting-edge custom solution is intricately crafted to cater to the unique requirements of your coaches.

Hendrik Lange, co-founder of MIND SC

Not sure which plan is best for your club?

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Mental Gym is a unique feature of MIND SC, designed to provide athletes with access to a comprehensive suite of mental training exercises. It allows athletes to tailor their mental training plans according to their specific needs, ensuring they can achieve peak mental fitness to complement their physical training.

Any athlete, regardless of their level – from amateurs to professionals – can benefit from the Mental Gym. It’s also beneficial for coaches and teams looking to enhance their mental resilience and performance under pressure.

Upon subscribing to the Mental Gym, athletes gain access to a wide range of mental training exercises developed by sports psychologists and elite athletes. Users can personalize their training plans by selecting exercises that target specific areas, such as focus, resilience, motivation, and stress management.

The Mental Gym includes a variety of exercises, such as visualization techniques, mindfulness meditation, cognitive-behavioral strategies, and goal-setting workshops. Each exercise is designed to enhance different aspects of mental strength and agility.

Yes, subscriptions can be canceled at any time. If you cancel, you’ll retain access to the Mental Gym until the end of your billing period.

Our team of sports psychologists and mental training experts regularly updates the Mental Gym with new exercises and content. Subscribers receive monthly updates and access to the latest mental training techniques.

Absolutely. We offer special team and club packages that provide access to the Mental Gym for all members, along with additional bonuses such dedicated training plan​s and more.

Contact us to get more in-depth details and for custom pricing.

Are you a sports psychologist?

We offer the exclusive opportunity for handpicked sports psychologists and mental trainers to co-create mental gym modules and exercises with us.

This offer is given completely to MIND SC co-owners and to a limited extent to our premium membership holders.