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1:1 Sports Mental Performance Coaching
Gain a competitive edge with our dedicated sports psychologist or mental coach, offering you the invaluable opportunity to collaborate closely with top-tier mental performance coaches. Unlock personalized 1:1 mental coaching sessions at highly competitive prices, tailored to elevate your performance to new heights.
Mental Gym
Mental Gym Access to every athlete, club, and organization. The mental exercises are designed and created by handpicked best-in-class sports psychologists and mental trainers with AI-powered mental performance development tracking.
MIND SC Academy
One of the primary goals of MIND SC Academy is to demystify mental performance development. The Academy serves as a shared space dedicated to uniting all stakeholders in an athlete’s life, fostering understanding of the significance and nuances of mental performance development. Additionally, we conduct regular live webinars.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mind SC is the world’s premier mental sports club, revolutionizing mental performance training for athletes of all levels. Our mission is to make mental training affordable and accessible, empowering everyone to excel mentally.

Mind SC offers three unique solutions: personalized 1:1 coaching with top sports psychologists and mental coaches worldwide, a customizable mental gym integrated into your training structure, and an academy featuring diverse courses and certificates for athletes, coaches, parents, and managers.

Athletes can easily find and book sessions with top mental coaches on our platform, tailored to their specific needs and goals. Organizations can support their athletes by providing vouchers, discounts, and targeted sponsorship.

We create a personalized mental gym for your organization, accessible to athletes and coaches. It includes exercises, weekly consultations, handpicked courses, and a 24/7 chatbot supervised by sports psychologists.

Mind SC Academy offers online certificate courses led by top mental coaches, catering to athletes, coaches, sports psychologists, parents, and managers seeking to enhance their skills and expertise.

All athletes are welcome. No matter the level, mental toughness contributes significantly to overall performance, as shown by our athlete polls.

We offer solutions for organizations of all sizes, ensuring accessibility to mental performance training for everyone.

Prices vary based on services. 1:1 coaching starts from 20 €, academy courses are 99 €, and tailored mental gym solutions for clubs start from 490 € monthly. Partner programs and discounts are available upon request.

Absolutely! Our services can complement existing programs, offering additional expertise and value to multinational and diverse teams.

Mind SC partners receive a seal as mental care provider, showcasing their commitment to providing a secure and supportive mental environment for athletes.

For personalized guidance and consultation, feel free to contact Hendrik, a former hockey international and experienced sport and organizational psychologist with a wealth of knowledge in enhancing mental performance. Click here to reach out.