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Dr. Caren Diehl – International Sport Psychologist helping athletes improve their mental game.

Personal excellence becomes possible when you decide to live and perform with quality and fully focus on the task when you enter the here and now.

Dr. Caren has over 10 years of work experience working with athletes from all walks of life, be it elite athletes participating at World Championships, Asian Championships, national and/or regional competitions or even just wanting to become healthy or complete a 10km run.

She has helped individuals with the various struggles they may have faced or just helped them fine-tune their mental game to get closer to reaching their full potential.





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Born in Germany and raised in Ghana and Tanzania, I was set on the path to experience cultural diversity that has led to over 10 years work experience across the globe. I have lived and worked in 7 countries allowing myself to immerse into the cultures, treating everyone with respect and kindnessthat they deserve through their journey of self-awareness as this journey takes courage and may be a bit uncomfortable at times. I have worked with top level athletes to achieve podium places at international competitions by creating tailored interventions to assist them in their mental preparation to cope with all aspects of the psychological demands that come with participating in sports at the highest level. This is done by breaking things down into the simplest form and staying in the present moment. I apply a holistic, client centered approach to my coaching helping clients reach their full potential on and off the field.