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Elke Bayer – Mental Coach and Rapid Transformational Therapist

I combine mental coaching, RTT hypnotherapy, trauma release practices, NLP, mindfulness, body awareness and energy work to address all levels of body, mind and spirit for Athletes who want to improve their performance and eliminate self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviours.

Do you feel like something is blocking you in your performance? With the method of RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) and holistic practices, we go deeper and explore your subconscious mind. We will find the root cause of your struggles and transform them.

My mission is to get you unstuck, release any trauma response stored in your physical and mental body and support your expansion and success.

Besides being a mental coach and Rapid Transformational therapist (hypnotherapist) I have also been teaching yoga, meditation and breath work since 2005 and I lead retreats for inner work and healing in Sardinia where I have been living since 2016. I am working with professional dancers and all kinds of clients who want to improve their sports skills, gain profound confidence and self-trust and overcome self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviours.





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