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Dr. Melania Duca – Expert in Cognitive Performance and Athlete Development

My journey in sports began as a competitive show jumping athlete, evolved into a passion for boxing, and included a range of activities from tennis to archery, aikido, and swimming. This diverse athletic background has given me a profound understanding of the physical and mental demands of various sports.

Fuelled by a keen interest in the workings of the mind, I pursued studies in Cognitive Sciences, which later led to a specialization in Clinical Psychiatry in Wales. This academic background is integral to my focus on preventing and correcting computational errors in human cognition, a key element in enhancing athletic performance.

Throughout my career, I have worked with athletes from multiple disciplines, applying my expertise as a behavioral specialist. My notable contribution to a football scouting agency helped unearth and promote world-class talents, several of whom have gone on to secure professional contracts.

As an international practitioner, I am committed to supporting athletes around the globe, offering assistance before, during, and after competitions. My approach includes innovative methods such as cranial electrotherapy stimulation, which aids in improving vital performance components like sleep quality.

I am available for global travel to provide my services, with the understanding that travel costs are not included in my consultation fees.





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As a Fellow of the National Council of Integrative Psychotherapists (UK) and a member of several other professional bodies, I am proud to have delivered over 8,000 hours of therapy to a diverse international clientele.

As an accomplished practitioner with a background in competitive sports and cognitive sciences, I focus on enhancing athletic performance through cognitive correction strategies. My extensive experience spans various sports disciplines, where I apply innovative methods to help athletes achieve their best. I offer global assistance, utilizing techniques like cranial electrotherapy stimulation to improve essential performance factors.