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Anton Schoonewil – Specialized in Sports Psychology: learn to perform and how to become and to be a top athlete.

I am deeply involved in sports, in both participating in sports and following sports. I have played many sports like soccer, golf, tennis, squash, speed skating, some of them I played at a national level. My journey in the various sports have been marked by overcoming mental obstacles, which led me to develop a keen interest in sports psychology.

Despite having the right technique, good tactics, perfect physical fitness, appropriate equipment, ideal nutrition, you still cannot maximize your potential if you don’t also maximize yourself mentally.

To grow mentally and become stronger, I provide mental guidance to athletes in both sport-specific and human-specific areas.

Sport-specific involves aspects such as mindset, visualization, rituals, scanning/zooming, routines, breathing, eye control, etc. Human-specific is about learning to cope with (various forms of) fear, stress, setback, etc. and social pressure (parents, social media, etc.).

Through observation, interviewing, and testing, a metaphorical fingerprint is created. Based on this fingerprint, the guidance is tailored, which can be provided both online and/or in person.





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My passion has always been sport. That's where I get my energie from, whether I do it myself or watch it. But the most energy I get is from guiding athletes mentally.

I have done a lot of sports, (indoor) soccer, speed skating, skiing, golf, tennis, squash. Some of these sports at a high level. My peak was limited by my mental strength. That was definitely not my strongest quality. I have always been aware of this but I did not have/could not find (no internet!) the tools to become mentally stronger.

My career as a financial trader helped me to become mentally stronger. A trader has to deal with a lot of (mental) similarities like an athlete has too. For example; you have to try to perform the various processes in the best way instead of hoping for the best result (money or being a champion).
My motto therefore is: " The best outcome you get is due to (mentally) training the right way and not training for the result".

For some reason a lot of things came together about 5 years ago. And so I made a career move and.began to study Sport Psychology to become a Mental Sports Coach. .

Because of my experiences in life, in sport, at work and being high sensitive, I am able to guide athletes in a very wide range of mental issues. My approach is that of developing together.