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Camilo Sáenz-Moncaleano, PhD – High performance psychology

Hello! I’m Dr. Camilo Sáenz-Moncaleano, here to guide you on your journey to higher levels of performance!

My academic journey has been quite a ride! With a Ph.D. in Sport Psychology from Florida State University (USA), and three master’s degrees from some of the most renowned universities around the world, I blend my theoretical knowledge and practical expertise to deliver personalized mental training. My 15+ years of hands-on experience will ensure you get the best mental training to guide you on a fulfilling journey of physical and mental growth, helping you unlock enhanced performance levels and improve your overall sense of well-being.

With my international experience complemented by fluency in multiple languages, I’ve had the privilege of working with various achievers. Be it amateur or elite athletes, World Champions, Olympians, and performers like musicians, dancers, business leaders – I’ve had the privilege to work with a wealth of talent and their drive to excel have taught me just as much as I’ve helped them.

If you are driven to achieve higher levels of performance and unlock new levels of success, I look forward to the opportunity to work  with you on this trajectory of growth and performance enhancement.

Ready to get going? Excellent!
I get it, this is a bit like stepping into the unknown – so let’s make sure we’re on the same page right from the start. That’s why I always kick things off with a free 30-minute chat. It’s a chance for us to get to know each other, for you to tell me what you’re looking to achieve, and for me to explain how I work and how we can team up. From there, we’ll figure out the next steps together.
All you have to do is book a time that works for you and use the coupon code: INITIAL_CONSULTATION

Let us embark on a journey to excellence together!

Dr. Camilo Sáenz-Moncaleano, SASP-FEPSAC





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Hello, I am Dr. Camilo Sáenz-Moncaleano, a certified specialist in Sport Psychology (SASP-FEPSAC) with extensive theoretical knowledge and 15 years of practical experience in the field.
My academic journey includes a Ph.D. and three Master’s degrees from globally renowned universities. As a multilingual professional with rich international experience, I have successfully worked with a diverse range of individuals, from amateur athletes to Olympians and World Champions.
My aim is to provide personalized mental training programs intended to unlock each individual's highest potential. I welcome the opportunity to work alongside you in pursuit of your professional goals and enhanced performance outcomes. Let's pave the path to your success together!

Quick peek at my credentials:
- Certified Sport Psychology Specialist (SASP-FEPSAC)
- Sport and Exercise Psychology Lecturer at Lund University, Sweden
- Published researcher with award-winning scientific papers and book chapters

Education journey:
- Ph.D. in Sport Psychology at Florida State University, USA
- M.Sc. in Sport Sciences from Universitat Leipzig, Germany
- M.Sc. in Clinical and Health Psychology from Universidad de los Andes, Colombia
- M.Sc. in Sport Psychology from Lund University, Sweden