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Coen Stehouwer – High Performance Psychologist for tennis players and athletes

Hi! My name is Coen and my passion and expertise is to help athletes perform at their best. We do this by working together intensively for a minimum period of 3 months backed by a performance based guarantee. In this period we work with my personal method whereby we continue until we have reached your personal goals (otherwise we continue on my costs). My main expertise with athletes is working with tennis players. I am a active tennis player and coach myself, worked with several tennis players and for example worked at J.C. Ferrero Equelite Tennis Academy.

As a psychologist my main work experience in the clinical field is related to people dealing with pains and injuries, anxiety, depression, trauma and burn-out. After getting my license for sports and performance psychology I have had schooling regarding motivational interviewing, cognitive therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and EMDR.

Besides tennis players my method works well on every other type of sport. I also work a lot with (day)traders and trading firms to optimise their performance on a daily basis.

Feel free to send me a message. The first meeting is always free where I can explain my method and get to know each other.






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