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Priyanka Sarkar – My goal is to enable athletes to reach their full potential, both on and off the field

I am experienced in the areas of Athlete mental well-being, Performance enhancement, Goal Setting, Managing stress and anxiety, pre performance anxiety through psychological assessment and evidence-based interventions. I also am passionate about aligning personal values to the professional philosophies of an athlete, a holistic approach towards career transition, long-term career development and media training. My goal is to enable athletes to reach their full potential, both on and off the field. The ultimate goal is to contribute to the holistic development of athletes and enhance the overall success of sports teams.

When athletes come to Sport Psychologists, they bring with them their entire worlds.

This is something I tell myself every day. And I plan on changing their worlds for the better, one step at a time because even Rome wasn’t built in a day. With a deeply rooted interest in reading and researching, I bring in my passion and evidence-based interventions to work with Athletes to improve their on-court performance and off-court mental strength. Though one of my favourite topics remains Lifestyle Support for Athletes through the Career Transition of an Athlete, I am associated with actively participating Tennis Players, Shooters, Motorcar racers, Cricketers, Football clubs and Sprinters to improve their optimal performance, and their well-being along with developmental and social aspects of sports participation, in an attempt to make a positive difference in their world. With working experience in the IT Industry, I bring a unique but effective approach to the combined strengths of both Technology and Mental Skills for effective and long-lasting results.





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I was born in a Country where Cricket is a religion but I have grown up watching Tennis. As I grew up and moved to college, watching Tennis became rare but the fascination remained. After completing my Graduation in Physiotherapy, I wanted to pursue my Masters in Sports Physiotherapy but God had different plans. So I started working in the IT Industry, completed my Masters in Psychology and after 7 years of experience, one night I was watching Roland Garros and Nadal was playing to win his 11th Slam in Paris alone. The commentators kept using words like "mental toughness", "resilience", "emotional intelligence". So I googled "Psychology in Tennis" and the results showed Sports Psychology. I completed my certification in Sports Psychology. And that is a journey so dear to me. Along the way, I have been fortunate to have worked with players of different sports- Team and Individual. I have worked and continue to work with Tennis Players, Football players, Cricketers, Motorcar racers, Rifle shooters and gymnasts. My objective is to align an athlete's personal values to his/her professional philosophies for their holistic well-being.