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Tanja Ecken – Sport Psychologist with elite Footballers for over 10 years

Hi, nice to meet you!

My name is Tanja and I have been working as a Sport Psychologist with elite Footballers for over 10 years. Embedded in the club settings of Fortuna Düsseldorf, FC Ingolstadt 04, FSV Zwickau and Arminia Bielefeld (project-based), I have supported youth to 1st team footballers in their journey to realise their potential and succeed in Football.
My area of expertise is in strengthening your confidence, motivation, self-beliefs, and courage, thereby naturally positively influencing your performance on and off the pitch. On another note, I have also specialised in working through the psychology side of athletic challenges – for example, injuries, fear of re-injury, defeat, and really any negative moment in your career that causes self-doubt and negative thoughts and emotions.
In the past, I have successfully assisted and accompanied athletes in achieving their goals by offering personal, evidence-based consultations that particularly target what you would like to achieve.

So how do I work? My work is client-centred (your perception of the situation leads the session), with elements of various sport psychology interventions (e.g., EMDR, cognitive-behavioural approaches, mindfulness) which then bring about the changes you have come in for.

I am an internationally qualified Sport and Exercise Psychologist, both in the UK and in Germany, with the highest accrediting bodies (British Psychological Society, Health Care and Professional Council, and Bundesinstitut für Sportwissenschaften). Recently I completed a Ph.D. in Sport Psychology which purely centred around Performance Enhancement Techniques in Football.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Best, Tanja





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