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Tia Prior – Performance Psychologist for a variety of sports and ages. Helping to enhance performance and wellbeing.

I have a Master’s degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology and I am currently enrolled in the British Association of Sport and Exercise Science Sport and Exercise Psychology Accreditation Route.

I work with individual athletes, Teams, Coaches, Management and Teacher’s.

What I currently do:

I deliver psychological frameworks to ensure that professional and elite athletes are equipped to thrive and receive the intervention and psychological support they need to achieve their high-level performance potential.

I work with a variety of athletes aged 10-50, irrespective of their gender, within different fields of sport, including: Golf, Hockey, Football, Gymnastics and Tennis, Fencing, Weight lifting and Fencing .

I provide holistic support and deliver educational and sport psychology webinar and workshops around the UK for the sporting community, including student athletes.

I support managers and coaches in providing one-to-one lifestyle and wellbeing support to maximise mental health, and where required liaised with existing psychological services – contributing to having more effective conversations and interactions with players.

I deliver support to maximise the impact on an athletes’ performance, and to optimise their rehabilitation and management when injured or ill, whilst always working within the professional guidelines on athlete confidentiality.





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Coach Tia Prior

Tia Prior

I am enthusiastic Sport and Exercise Psychologist
in training, who seeks to be able to support
athletes reach their peak performances as well
as aiding their wellbeing.

The central areas I help to boost are performing under pressure, concentration, motivation, confidence, stress management and emotional regulation.