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Tolga Gitmez – Certified sport psychologist, I specialize in evaluating talent and optimizing mental & emotional well-being to enhance performance

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My name is Tolga Gitmez, I am a sport psychologist. I aim to provide strategic guidance and practical tools for individuals and teams, fostering talent and creating an environment for growth.

Drawing from a comprehensive academic journey, hands-on experience, and specialized certifications, I offer tailored psychological services designed to elevate the mental and emotional well-being of athletes and coaches. As a sport psychologist, I specialize in leveraging psychological techniques to elevate athletes’ and coaches’ performance and well-being. I offer tailored mental skills training, emphasizing the power of visualization, precise goal-setting, and cultivating positive self-talk. My approach to performance enhancement encompasses honing attention control, mastering arousal regulation, and refining decision-making skills to ensure peak performance even under intense pressure. I’m dedicated to fostering mental toughness, guiding athletes in building resilience and cultivating grit for enduring passion and persistence. Furthermore, I provide vital support during injury rehabilitation, using methods like targeted psychological support and visualization to facilitate healing. I’m also here to assist athletes in navigating career transitions, addressing the nuances of athletic identity and facilitating smooth role adaptations. Collaborating closely with coaches, I aim to nurture a positive team culture, offering insights to bolster communication and team cohesion. In essence, my role as a sport psychologist is pivotal in equipping athletes and coaches with the mental strategies they need to excel.

Academic & Professional Background:

  • MSc in Sport & Exercise Psychology: Dual degrees from the University of Thessaly and Universitat Leipzig, where I delved deep into advanced techniques, psychological assessments, and talent evaluation strategies.
  • BSc in Psychology: A robust foundation from Middle East Technical University, enriched by a minor in philosophy, underscoring my holistic approach to mental well-being.

Certifications & Training:

Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy – Basic Counselling: Endorsed by WAPP & Turkish Psychology Association.
Acceptance & Commitment Therapy – Fundamental Counselling: Accredited by Prof. Fatih Yavuz and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies Association.
Solution Focused Brief Counselling: Recognized by Dr. Nevin Dölek and the Mental Health Association.
Clinical Interview & Observation: Approved by Dr. Sevginar Vatan & Turkish Psychology Association.
The #PsychMapping Basic Training: Certified by the University of Suffolk.
Talent Identification in Football – L2: Endorsed by the Professional Football Scouts Association TR.





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